Data Center Cooling & Stable Server Rack Power - Avoid System Failure

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/14/2013 to Data Center Topics


While high network uptime and server performance are the key objectives of IT managers, excessive   equipment heat is their main obstacle towards that goal. Keeping the server room at an optimum temperature is a gargantuan challenge. Read about some smart cooling strategies that can help.

Choose the Right Server Rack cabinet

Consider the rack profile, packing density, future expansion potential,  rack accessories like fans, enclosure blowers, and rack air conditioners. Partially or fully perforated doors and top panels can help with server rack cooling as well.

Seek Datacenter Cooling   Efficiency Advice

Consider hiring an expert to conduct a cooling efficiency audit, measure airflow, and correct any cooling problems identified. Old, outdated equipment can generate much more heat per unit of performance, so consider upgrading your equipment   

Use Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Specialized devices allow datacenter managers to monitor rack and server room temperature, including hot spots, continuously. Equipment like Aurora Temperature Sensing Strips allows IT managers to quickly respond to any abnormalities before they become a full blown crisis. 

Improve Air Circulation to Eliminate Hot Spots

When expelled air flow is not properly routed, some server room areas con get significantly hotter than others. Air intake from those areas can affect equipment performance and shorten its life. Improving air circulation becomes a must.

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