Data Center Cabinets: How to Choose the Right Server Rack Manufacturer

Posted by Gaw Technology on 2/21/2013

When hiring a new employee, you check references and put them through a thorough interview and vetting process. When buying new computer equipment, you do your research, read reviews and only purchase the equipment that best fits your requirements. You need to apply the same due diligence when choosing a manufacturing company or supplier for your data center cabinets


 So, where do you start?

Custom or "Off the Rack"?  Domestic or Offshore?

Sure, you could go with a one-size-fits-all, standard cabinet, but you may soon find out it lacks features important to your network. One-size-fits-all is just another way of saying “mediocre” and your business and equipment deserve better.

At the same time, that does not mean you have to necessarily go with 100% custom datacenter cabinets either. Custom does not always mean quality … just because it was made for you, does not mean it was made well for you. The decision ultimately comes down to the quality and reputation of the manufacturer you are working with. Be sure to select a solid, established company.  It is often smart to favor a manufacturer over a reseller and a Made-in-the-USA  product versus an offshore alternative.

Furthermore, you need not deal with multiple vendors or subcontractors. Manufacturing companies like Gaw Technology combine custom cabinets and custom shelves with ready-built accessories so they can be a worry-free, one-stop solution for your datacenter racking needs. 

Get Custom Server Rack Solutions that Last. 

With a single source for data center cabinets and accessories, you’ll get piece of mind knowing all server rack cabinets and accessory items are installed by the company’s in-house personnel. 

Look for a manufacturer of server rack cabinets and accessories for data centers and control rooms that offer:

    • Standard and custom server racks 
    • Cabinets and shelves
    • Enclosures
    • Computer training tables and workstations
    • Industrial and heavy-duty racks
    • Cable ladders
    • LAN stations

Also, be sure the manufacturing company you choose offers cabinetry and enclosure products that are compliant with the latest cooling and cable management requirements. Ideally, they should be designed to handle products from IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Juniper and other leading manufacturers of network equipment.

Choosing your data center accessories is just the first step… then the shipment comes … and then what?!

You may be aware that many companies do drop-and-run delivery -- leaving you with the assembly chore and cleaning up the mess. For a better approach, consider going with Gaw Technology, an industry leader that offers customers ONE BOX -- setup and cleanup included. They’ll even take that ONE BOX with them when they leave. 

Moreover, you will end up with a finished setup that has built in flexibility and modularity, allowing you to refine and further customize as your business grows and your needs change.

Gaw Technology’s consultants are here to help you choose the best server racks, shelves and accessories that fit your space, your needs, and your budget. 

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