Custom Server Rack Cabinets: How To Protect Your Servers and Netwwork

Posted by Gaw Technology on 4/4/2013

Theft, tampering, earthquakes, dust, overheating … the potential threats to your servers and data center equipment are numerous and very real.

You want to ensure that critical computational resources are maintained in an environment that protects them both during normal operation and in the event of power failures, fires, floods and other emergency conditions.

When choosing   new server cabinets, you need to consider server rack cabinets that will keep your network equipment safe from tampering, support efficient cooling, provide room for growth, and allow easy access for equipment maintenance..

Proper security is a top priority for IT managers irrespective of the organization or data center size.  Here are some key tips for server rack security:

  1. Consider purchasing server racks that have locking front and rear doors. 
  2. Use environmental monitoring devices to proactively monitor your racks.
  3. Provide secure entrances and exits.
  4. Select cabinets with vented doors and covers, to enhance ventilation, so that your network equipment remains cool for peak performance
  5. Look for features like lockable glass or mesh front door, vented rear door, removable side panels, vented top cover, universal style mounting profiles and vertical cable management.
  6. Only select cabinets with robust construction.  
  7. Whenever appropriate consider server rack with individually locking compartments.

Gaw Technology consultants can help you every step of the way as you create a safe and secure data center that fits your network requirements, space and budget. Click here to contact Gaw Technology today.


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