Custom Server Rack Cabinets - Manufacturers Are Not Created Equal

Posted by Gaw Technology on 2/8/2013

Custom manufacturing capabilities and fast design-to-build times are key capabilities to look for in a server rack cabinet provider. Numerous companies simply resell server racks and that promptly places them out of the pool capable of effectively offering custom datacenter cabinets and racks.

Custom server cabinets are racks which require unique dimensions or usages.  Truly custom applications require a full-service designer & manufacturer with a well-equipped sheet metal fabrication operation.  If your requirements indeed call for a unique height, width, depth, or a specialized application or function for your server racks, GAW Technology may be a very good choice.   In addition to a sterling reputation for quality design and manufacturing, GAW is known throughout the industry as server rack designer and manufacturers for AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Corning, NBC, Dow Jones, US Government, etc.

GAW’s success stems from the ability to achieve for customers across all industries both network organization and security in the most economical fashion.

The company emphasizes modular and scalable concepts that allow flexible network growth.  Server racks and enclosures are designed in a manner that allows you to refine and further customize your set-up by adding stationary and sliding shelves, storage compartments, power outlet strips, front access cable management systems and cooling devices such as fan assemblies and blower units as well as advanced rack cooling.

Other items can integrate into your rack or cabinet to maximize space and convenience. Lights can help illuminate areas that require close inspection, and keyboard and monitor shelves can eliminate the need for a separate adjacent work station. Casters and anchors can aid in mobility or stability, respectively.

All of GAW’s design and manufacturing is performed in our certified manufacturing facilities. Our solutions do more than meet your current needs.  They are designed with flexibility and modularity in mind, allowing you to refine and further customize your setup as your network grows.


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