Custom Cabinets vs. Refurbished Units: What’s At Stake?

Posted by Gaw Technology on 3/25/2013
Your server needs a new home. You need a cabinet to safely house your business’ most valuable asset. You’ve done your research and you know what’s available out there. Quite honestly, you’re wondering if you need to buy a custom cabinet or if you can just buy a refurbished unit.

Sure you can. But whether or not you’ll regret that decision down the line is another thing altogether.

Buyer Beware

When it comes to buying refurbished units, we have two words for you: buyer, beware.

Whether you purchase from Craigslist or an online company, refurbished units are usually sold as is -- without a warranty, guarantee or follow up from the manufacturer or seller. If you need a replacement part or service, you may be out of luck.

Additionally, a cabinet that looks great in pictures may not fit into your space. Even if it does fit, your server equipment may fit not well -- or at all -- into an “off-the-rack, as-is” refurbished cabinet, meaning you’ll soon be running low on patience and money.

There are no “car facts” available on server cabinets, so you have no way of knowing if they have been damaged in an earthquake, flood, fire or industrial accident.

If you’re not sure what you want or are confused by the many choices involved in custom cabinet purchasing, you can rest easy with a company like Gaw Technology -- a reliable company that custom manufactures quality, built-to-last LAN cabinets, enclosures and server racks to your most specific requirements.

All design and manufacturing is done through our certified manufacturing facilities. Best of all, we’ll deliver your order in ONE BOX: setup, cleanup and follow up all included. You’re simply not going to get that kind of service with a refurbished unit.

Your finished product will boast flexibility and modularity, allowing you to refine and further customize your setup as your needs change. You can add other customized data center accessories, like stationary and sliding shelves, storage compartments, wall mounts, power outlet strips, front access cable management systems and cooling devices like fan assemblies and blower units. You will not have those options with a refurbished unit.

You've made a substantial investment in your equipment and components and you should safeguard that investment with durable server rack cabinets that last for the long run. Our advice is simple:

  • Don’t settle for refurbished racks made of flimsy material that can’t withstand impact, disaster or the test of time.
  • Don't settle for the endless cycle of replacing shelves, cabinets and data center accessories that don't hold up.
  • And please don’t settle for a refurbished unit that is not fully guaranteed.

Budget Beware

Times are tough and money is tight, so if you absolutely cannot afford a custom cabinet, we recommend going with a new non-custom cabinet. There are many options available in various sizes and colors.

Whether you go with a custom or non-custom cabinet design, know that a fully functional, perfectly sized server cabinet plays an important role in a flexible work environment that motivates employees, increases productivity and impresses clients.

Gaw Technology’s Enclosure Consultants will help you find both custom and non-custom cabinets that fit your needs, restraints and budget.

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