Custom Cabinets: Using Racks With Air Filtration Systems

Posted by Gaw Technology on 2/28/2013
It’s like a scene from a horror movie: You open the door to your network cabinet and slam it shut in horror, coughing and sputtering as a cloud envelopes you. All that dust! Where did it come from? More importantly, can it damage your equipment?

Yes. Yes it can.

In areas with low quality air due to smog, pollution or other factors, the human body has to work harder to accomplish basic functions. Your server is the same way. It cannot perform at its optimum if it’s covered in dust, dirt or other particles.

Your network equipment is likely among your most valuable assets and you need to protect it from falling dirt and circulating dust, lint and debris. We’ve heard of some industrious (cheap) managers placing home A/C filters into their server cabinets. While this is certainly a creative (cheap) option, your pricey equipment deserves better.

Go With The Flow

The most important factor to consider when looking at air filtration is to make sure air flow is not blocked. Your cooling system needs unimpeded airflow to work properly -- that’s why DIY air filtration systems rarely work for long.

There are custom cabinets, custom shelves, enclosures, wall mounts, server racks and other custom accessories that use custom designed pleated air filters designed to provide a large particle trapping surface space without hampering airflow. 

Keep The Noise Down

In the past, built-in air filtration systems were, in a word, LOUD. Now many custom cabinets offer noise reduction in addition to air filtration. The air filtration provides cleaner air into the server rack enclosure and ultimately into the computer and other electronic equipment located inside. The controlled airflow of the server rack aids cooling, improves noise reduction and allows for an air filtering system to function.

Keep The Dust Out

Managers charged with keeping their data centers running are always looking for ways to protect servers and network systems in dusty environments. There are now dust proof server cabinets that keep your servers isolated from dust and debris -- enhancing their lifespan and ensuring their levels of performance are not inhibited in any way.

You can’t dust-proof your office (or home -- we wish!), but you can protect your technology through the use of cleverly designed dust-proof cabinets.

Though dust-proof cabinets are the ideal way to protect your equipment, you still must keep the area as dust free as possible. This ensures dust does not collect on machines during maintenance or when the cabinets are opened.

With noise reduction, dust-proof doors and modern built-in air filtration, today’s custom server racks have a lot to offer.

You keep dust off your office furniture and you need to keep dust off your equipment. Don’t reach for the dust rag. Consider custom cabinets that offer air filtration and keep your valuable servers happily and efficiently humming along. 

Safeguard your most valuable resource with custom cabinets that offer air filtration. Gaw Technology’s consultants are here to help you determine the best cabinets, shelves and server racks that fit your needs.

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