Custom Accessories: Piece Together The Perfect Data Center For Your Space

Posted by Gaw Technology on 4/2/2013
It’s time. Heck, it’s past time. You need a new data center -- one that performs at higher efficiency and saves you money, time and space.  

For some companies, the driving factor for an enhanced data center is expansion into new markets. For others, it’s dealing with an ever-increasing data load or integrating new applications that require bigger machines and better capabilities.

You’re proud of your equipment. In a way, your equipment is part of your team -- it works hard and gets jobs done. You want to take care of it with server racks, cabinets and custom accessories that function well and are built to last.

You have some money in your budget to expand your data center and create a space that safely houses your current equipment, but also allows for growth. Common sense says you should expand, and Gaw’s data center-enhancing experts agree. But are you expanding in the right dimension?

You: “My data center currently takes up 5,000 square feet, so I’ll need at least 7,500, right?

Us: “Well, not necessarily…”

You: “But I have more machines, more cords and more stuff than my space could possibly allow for!”

Us: “Are you sure about that?”

This is the biggest mistake IT and facilities managers make when laying out a new data center space. They think they need to “go big or go home.”

But you don’t need to expand on the horizontal plane. You need to think vertically.

In other words, you want to focus on computing capacity per square footage -- not just square footage.

This is where custom accessories like server racks, cabinets, wall mounts and shelves come into play. They are all strategic pieces of that perfect-performance puzzle for your data center.

Whether you choose standard or custom items, your server racks and data center accessories should be compliant with the latest cooling and cable management requirements. All enclosures should be designed for universal storage and allow for installation of all products from the leading manufacturers of network equipment, including IBM, Hewlett Packard and Dell.

When creating your new-and-improved data center, remember to collect and configure crucial data, such as measurements, hot and cold spots, power supply areas and other critical elements.

There are some key, strategic questions to consider when making decisions regarding your date center:

  • Is data center expansion core to your business?
  • Are your capacity needs based on today or tomorrow?
  • How much is too much?
  • Have you analyzed the environmental issues?

If you want to truly transform your business, you want your data center to demonstrate agility and flexibility in its infrastructure. Whether you're running a small or large data center, keep these principles in mind to improve the efficiency of your facility and reduce costs:

Airflow Management. Airflow obstruction is the enemy when it comes to cooling efficiency. That’s why custom cabinets and server racks with state-of-the-art cooling systems are the way to go.

Power Distribution Optimization. To meet the power requirements of their increasingly dense server racks, companies are looking for power circuits and power distribution units (PDUs). These power distribution tools enable faster implementation of advanced technologies to optimize your server's infrastructure and increase productivity.

If you’re ready for a complete system to house and protect every element of your network safely and economically, work with a Gaw enclosure consultant today by clicking the button below.

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