Custom Accessories Offer Invaluable Hardware Solutions

Posted by Gaw Technology on 3/5/2013
Your servers are the epicenter of all your business operations -- and their protection is your number one priority. Your computer servers exert a great deal of power performing computational tasks on behalf of the clients in their networks. They also hold a great deal of information you don’t want to lose.

All data centers have similar needs, since their goal is the same: to provide secure and uninterrupted availability to high-performance computing, storage, networking and communications. However, each center is unique due to space, size and other specifications. You know an off-the-rack cabinet or shelf won’t cut it for your business.

You have the server. You know you need custom cabinet, shelves and consoles to protect it and keep it running at peak performance. But you feel like...’re forgetting something.

Cables, Connectors And Panels, Oh My! 

While most network equipment is replaced in three-to-five year cycles, cabling is expected to serve multiple generations of devices -- often over a 10-to-25 year period. A well-designed cabling infrastructure provides the needed flexibility and scalability when reconfiguring or expanding data center services as your business needs change or grow.

In other words, treat your cables well and they will last for many, many years.

In your data center environment, every inch matters, but what matters most is consistent, constant power supply. Data center pathways are often tightly packed with cabling, making it difficult to distinguish between cables.

Consider a color code system that helps identify each cable function, assuring mistake-free connectivity and consistent power source and visibility from the panel to the PDU to the rack.

Additionally, “pigtailing” cords with connectors helps improve airflow and maintenance

access. Other options include cable strain relief bars, high-density cable organizers and ring kits for vertical cable management.

Look at your cables -- do the phrases “spaghetti stew” or “Medusa snakes” immediately come to mind? Can you even get a good, discerning look at your cables in the first place? If accessing your cables is important to you, consider a custom cabinet with a front-access cable management system.

Speaking of access, with a custom cabinet, you get to choose exactly where to put your access panels. That’s the beauty of custom fabrication. You can also choose whether you want interchangeable solid, perforated, vented or locking panels, as well as where to place them. By placing the patch panels at the top of an equipment cabinet -- or bottom, depending on the location of cabling pathways -- excess cables and modular cords within the cabinet are eliminated. This improves cable chaos, but it also improves airflow and maintenance access.

When it comes to data center design, there is no such thing as an unimportant detail. Every aspect of your center needs to work in tandem to ensure peak performance.

Hardware solutions have gone custom. If it seems like a lot to think about, it is. But Gaw Technology’s consultants are here to help you determine the best custom accessories for your hardware. Click the button below and they'll guide you every step of the way.

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