Custom Accessories: Cut The Clutter & Clean Up Your Server Racks

Posted by Gaw Technology on 3/21/2013
Gone will be cluttered wires … dusty towers … and overheated units.

Server cabinets today are packed full of expensive equipment that is critical to your business. Keeping cabinets organized not only enhances the appearance of your data center, but it also helps you prevent costly mistakes and improve server performance and efficiency.

Spring is in the air, which means spring cleaning … and yes, your data center is in desperate need of spring cleaning too. In order to get it running at maximum efficiency, you must cut the clutter and clean it up.

Not unlike that closet at home (you know the one), tackling the clutter in your data center can seem daunting. You have so many questions:

Where to begin? How to organize? Why de-clutter in the first place?

Good News: Gaw’s Enclosure Consultants have some answers for you. 

Where to begin? Cords.

A big ole plate of spaghetti is good. A big ole tangle of cords resembling multi-colored spaghetti is not so good. The fastest, easiest way to curtail clutter is by eliminating cord redundancies. That certainly does not mean you should open the panel and go around randomly unplugging things. However, if you can cut down on the sheer number of cords you need with the use of connectors and bundles, it will help a bundle

Other quick tips for corralling your confusing cords:

  • Label, label, label: Did we mention label? Even better, invest in color-coded cords that make it easy to track and fix a problem.
  • Shorter is better: Use the shortest possible cords. Makes sense, right?
  • Bundle: When you can’t avoid using a cable that is longer than you need, bundle the excess cord.
  • Use zip ties sparingly: Often, these can be pulled too tight, impairing communication across the network. This is especially true when cords from multiple machines are bundled together.

How to organize? See the bigger picture.

Housing your components safely is a priority because without an optimally functioning server, your business is dead in the water. 

Server racks and server rack accessories remove clutter and make all of the connections and components clearly visible to those who are accessing them.

Whether they are sequestered in their own room or mounted to the floors and ceilings in a common space, there is no risk of them being knocked over or someone inadvertently spilling something on them.

Custom accessories allow you to enjoy flexibility and modularity, which enable you to refine and further customize your setup. You can add stationary and sliding shelves, storage compartments, wall mounts, power outlet strips, front access cable management systems and cooling devices like fan assemblies and blower units.

Why de-clutter? To clear the air.

Improper airflow leads to inefficient cooling and heat dissipation, which eventually culminates in equipment issues and even failures. A simple way to enhance airflow is to keep server cabinets organized. This reduces the chances for unwanted obstructions. Additionally, invest in breathable server racks, efficient cooling systems, proper ventilation and strategic positioning and layout to prevent overheating.

Gaw Technology’s consultants would love to help you cut the clutter and streamline your server racks with custom accessories that fit your needs and budget.

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