Communication Revamp is Better than Expected

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/27/2014

Colleges around the world work ceaselessly to instill within their attendees an unparalleled level of knowledge and finely honed skills. Aside from being an organization dedicated to learning, universities also act as a community dedicated to fostering the exchange of information to improve understanding. While many schools choose to supply public or pay telephones, Iowa University has taken the next step in advancing communicative capabilities. Despite what might be suspected, it doesn’t involve a greater number of cheap cellular phones or switchboards. In fact, it relies on completely removing those very things as quickly as possible.

Throughout the latter months of 2013, Iowa University underwent a mass overhaul of their communications facilities. Old switchboards were swiftly removed, and the archaic cell phones previously used by students have been replaced. Instead, the school will rely on an internet based telephone system to connect students and professors to one another. Though the installation process took more time than expected, the convenience that is gained from the overhaul had been more than worth the wait in the end.

The immediate advantage is the reduced space requirement for housing oversized switchboards and telephone system paraphernalia. The improved processing components are less than half the size, freeing up space for other purposes. The required central computer system is housed easily in a small series of server rack cabinets instead. This easily reduced the amount of space required by more than half. This will have a dynamic impact on the university’s monetary requirements, potentially reducing the cost of tuition and other services on campus. Also, telephones are not the only devices which will be able to take advantage of the new system. Computers and tablet PCs can connect to the network as well, granting students the ability to take classes from home via webcam streaming. All things considered, the new platform that has been integrated into Iowa University is sure to improve communication possibilities beyond previous expectations.

This is only one example of a growing trend across not only the US, but the world. Old methods of communication are becoming slow and clunky compared to the sleek and effective internet phone calls that are possible today. Colleges are not the only establishments that can take advantage of this technology, either. Business offices, hospitals, and many other professional buildings house racks containing the tools for better exchange of thoughts and information. Why be left behind while the world around you improves? It may be time for you to upgrade your company today.

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