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Efficient Server Rack Cabinet Cooling & Data Center Airflow Management

One of the more prevalent challenges in today's data centers is airflow management. This is typically implemented through air containment strategies, where all hot and cold air streams are isolated from each other to yield significant benefits in performance and efficiency.  Airflow plenums / air baffle systems are playing a crucial role the rapidly expanding technology of Air Flow Management.

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Air Flow Plenums for Compliance to Telcordia GR-63 Issue-4

Air Baffle System for Cisco ASR-2911

Cisco ASR-2911 air baffle system.

This Cisco router is rather unique, since it can be installed forward facing or backwards, depending on the power connection availability and position. Our Cisco 2911 airflow plenum accommodates both options.

The release of Telcordia GR-63 Issue-4 requires network equipment manufactures to supply their products with front-to-rear airflow.& This design feature will increase performance and prolong equipment shelf life by enhancing its cooling. 

However since much legacy equipment, such as routers, have already been manufactured to the previous standard that allowed a variety of airflow configurations, Gaw Technology – an internationally recognized server rack manufacturer – is helping customers large and small achieve compliance with the new Telecordia requirements. 

With this goal, we have designed air plenum baffle systems that change the direction of the airflow to meet the GR-63 Issue-4 standard for a variety of routers and manufactures such as Cisco Systems, Juniper Network, and F5.

Air Flow Plenums / Airflow Baffle Systems – Specific Applications

Cisco M2 Airflow Plenum installed

Our air baffle plenums have either a Trivalent or powder coat finish, both types being RoHS compliant finishes. The Cisco M2 and M6 air plenums are designed to have the trivalent finish.Furthermore, all Gaw Technology air plenums have been designed with a minimum number of parts to make for easy installation

In all such cases, we begin with the sealed separation between the cold aisle in front of the equipment and the hot aisle in the back of the equipment. The sealing between the hot and cold aisles is done at the front rail level. We implemented this solution, for instance, for a wide variety of Cisco routers: 2821, 7613, 3560E, 3845, 2911, 6509E, 4507R, 4510R, 4510E, 4900M.

Since these routers are designed to intake cold air from the side, which is left by our separation in the hot aisle, the task at hand was to duct air from the cold aisle in front of the cabinet to the router intake on the side.  This was accomplished by designing a cold air intake plenum mounted under the router and connected to the intake on the side of the router.

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Cisco ASR-9000V  Front-to-Back Air Flow Solution

Cisco ASR-9000V
 Front-to-Back Air Flow Solution

Airflow Plenums / Baffles Drawings – Custom Designs

Air Plenums designed for ETSI WECO and EIA

Our air plenums can be designed to fit a variety of rack mount types such as ETSI, WECO and EIA 19" and 23" .

Depending on the weight and depth of the router, our air plenum baffles can be designed to fit 2-post or 4-post racks.  Moreover, just like our server cabinets, our airflow plenums can accommodate the widest variety of equipment brands.


Areas of Utilization for Air Flow Plenums / Baffles

  • High quality Server Rack Cabinets of all types
  • Built-to-Spec Cabinet Cooling Systems  / Data Center Airflow Solutions
  • Large diversity of Cabinet Exhaust solutions / Server Cabinet Ventilation solutions
  • Rackmount IT Equipment from the widest range of manufacturers
  • Custom Cabinet Exhaust Systems
  • Custom Data Center Cooling Solutions
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
Multiple Air Plenums for the Cisco  ASR9006 Router

Multiple Air Plenums for
 the Cisco  ASR9006 Router

Depending on the generated heat, and thus the air intake requirements, some routers may need two horizontal air plenums.

The ASR9006 shown to the left needs just that. It requires two 2ru horizontal air plenums to allow for the amount of air needed to cool this powerful Cisco router

Custom Airflow Plenum Schematic - designed for Cisco ASR9006 routers

Airflow Plenum custom designed for
the Cisco ASR9006 routers.

The ASR9006 plenum is different from most other air plenum, as the Cisco ASR9006 router has a small air exhaust port on the same side as the air intake.

This required us to design the air plenum with the exhaust duct inside the intake vertical duct to allow the hot exhaust to pass through the intake duct.

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