Advantages of Wall Mount Racks

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Sometimes you have all the space you need for your servers, or have so many that you need whole buildings to house them; at other times, you need to fit equipment here and there in already crowded spaces, and that's when a wall mount rack may be the ideal choice. The advantages of wall racks include the following:

1.  Easily Adapt your existing space – Wall mount racks were built for spaces that were not originally meant to be data centers or sever rooms. Rather than knocking out walls and redesigning an area as a dedicated server center, wall mount racks allow you to house equipment safely and effectively in normal work spaces and give them the protection and breathing room that they need. Additionally, wall mount racks tap into the existing structure of the building—like studs in the wall—to make sure that your server rack is sturdy and your equipment is shielded from harm.

2.  Maximize small work areas – In some work spaces, every inch matters. While standalone server racks have their merits, they also require more floor space. Since wall racks fit onto the wall itself, wasted space behind the rack is eliminated and floor space in front of it is maximized. Additionally, wall mounted racks can be set a height that allows you to make use of the space beneath, perhaps by placing filing cabinets, shelving or a desk or table below the server rack. This is perfect for housing a small amount of equipment in a crowded mixed-use work space.

3.  Wide range of choices – Wall mounted racks offer a surprising amount of flexibility and number of options. Since these racks are designed to mount on the wall itself, there are many lightweight models available. But going wall-mounted does not mean you have to switch to a flimsy design. There are reliable wall-mounted server racks that offer an extremely rugged, sturdy casing for your equipment, with all the convenience and efficiency of the wall-mounted style. In other words, at least when it comes to server racks, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

4.  Features and options – Today's wall mounted racks are available with a wide range of features—they are no longer a niche product with limited options. For example, there are wall mounted racks that accept a variety of cable types and offer cable management options. Additionally, wall racks may have open, transparent or opaque cabinet fronts and offer multiple knockouts for add-ons like muffin fans.

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Date 3/12/2015
Hari Haran
The information was useful for me as I am doing my design project on wall mounted racks. I have planned to manufacture a modular rack which holds lot of applications in it. Can you suggest me with some ideas which will improvise my rack.

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