4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Server Rack Cabinets

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/6/2014 to Rack Knowledge

Server rack cabinets are far from the biggest cost your business will face, but they are not an insubstantial investment and you need to make sure you're making the right choice. However, as a business owner, you may not be sure about the inner workings of servers or even what your own needs will be. Here are four questions to ask yourself that will help guide you in the right direction:


1.  Is this going to be in a small space? There are many reasons that servers and other computer equipment may need to be squeezed into tight quarters. It can be because specialized equipment needs to be located in or near the workspace of those who use it, or it may be because the overall office or the remaining space is limited. In many cases, it reflects the growth of a company's needs within a space that was once more than adequate. However, any time you need to fit new equipment into tight quarters, you need to consider creative and effective options for server rack cabinets. The most common solution is a wall-mounted rack that can go above desks or other office furnishings. In other cases, a mix of different server rack cabinet types may be the best way to fit an unusual space. Custom options exist for every space, but it's important to consider how well you can access the back of the servers for maintenance—a hinged cabinet may be best.

2.  Do I have an on-staff expert who has assessed air flow, cooling, and cable needs? If the answer is no, then you need to consult with an outside expert, like Gaw Technology. This is a step that cannot be skipped, as ineffective server rack cabinet arrays could result in overheating, damage to servers, poor performance, difficult maintenance, and even fires and other safety hazards. Our reputable server rack cabinet providers will have a server design specialist on staff that can assess your unique floor plan and server needs and recommend a setup that will operate effectively.

3.  Does this need to look good? While many companies will be going for function over form, a surprising number are looking for both these days. Generally, in situations where a client may see the area where your servers are located, it is best to make sure all server rack cabinets are well-organized, visually attractive, and preferably uniform. In a design studio or work space, this is best accomplished with server rack cabinets that have paneled doors to hide equipment.

4.  What is my price range? You will find a wide variety of prices on similar server rack cabinets. The cheapest and least efficient ones sold by other companies usually lack cable management solutions and come unassembled with little or no support. It's better to look for an all-in-one package from Gaw Technology that includes equipment, setup, and design for greater functionality and long-term savings.

What other questions do you ask before buying data racks and cabinets?

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