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Cabinets Preconfigured Wall MountWe manufacture and market server racks, equipment cabinets, and enclosures for both rack mount and wall mount configurations. Our 19 inch Server Racks, Server Cabinets, Server Enclosures, Seismic Cabinets, Collocation Cabinets, Shelves and Accessories provide an easy, well designed, and economical solution to server and network organization and security.

Over the years we have accumulated a high degree of customer loyalty and built a solid reputation based on two cardinal Gaw Associates business principles: excellent service and very reasonable prices.

Our wide range of EIA standard and custom products, and the large assortment of sizes, options and colors can accommodate the greatest diversity of hardware manufacturers. Ventilation, cable management and modularity make it easy to work with.

Throughout our entire server racks and equipment cabinets product line we emphasize modularity and flexibility which allow the customer to achieve limitless equipment configurations and furniture layouts. You can refine your set-up by adding a large assortment of accessories and options such as: stationary and sliding shelves, storage compartments, power outlet strips, front access cable management systems and cooling devices such as fan assemblies and blower units.

Our company offers server racks and equipment cabinets in standard and custom configurations to meet your exact requirements. Some of our server racks and equipment cabinets can be bought online, however we can supply many other server racks from leading manufacturers or produced in our manufacturing facility in New Jersey.

Our server racks and equipment cabinets are a perfect solution for rackmount servers including those from HP, Dell, IBM, Apple, Compaq, IBM & Sun. Please contact us today and let us know the size you want for your server rack, cabinet or enclosure and what options and accessories will configure your best solution. We will build, paint, and configure your product to your exact specification and ship it to directly to you.

RoHS Compliance

Any of our server racks and equipment cabinets can be made RoHS compliant upon request.

If you don't need a fully enclosed server cabinet we supply 4 post rack frames from which to select, each with its own distinctive advantages and features. Call us with your questions and we'll help you decide which 4 post rack suits your needs.

network Cabinet - 4836Server Rack Buying Guide

Evaluating a server rack purchasing decision is a multifaceted quality and cost assessment which includes features such as: enhanced thermal management, expandability, multi system compatibility, structural integrity, security, and compliance to internationally recognized standards

Server Rack Thermal Management

The type of server racks chosen should depend on the cooling methods used in the environment where the server racks are to be deployed. With the heat generated by current denser technologies such as Blade Servers, understanding the role that server racks play in the complete data center cooling strategy is essential to the total cost picture. With the cost of energy skyrocketing, the cost of electricity and cooling in the data center can exceed the cost of the equipment itself.

Flexibility / Expandability of Server Racks / Equipment Cabinets

The flexibility for customers to customers to "build their own" server rack by using the frame size needed and adding the components from a broad range of options is of great value to many IT managers. With rapidly changing network environments, datacenter managers also place a high premium on server racks that can be bayed together at time of installation, or sometime in future, providing users with expansion capability to match their needs.

The Breadth of Available Server Rack Options & Accessories

With rapidly changing IT requirements, datacenter managers need to make their server rack purchase decisions with an eye to future network changes and additions. The more options and accessories are available with a given server rack line, the more flexibility and intrinsic future value is built into the product. Among the top considerations are:

  • Server Rack Shelving: Examine options such as adjustable or fixed server shelves with four-point mounting; sliding keyboard shelves with 2-point mounting; vented, heavy-duty, or cantilever shelves; and media shelves.
    Top and Side Panels: Panels keep equipment clean and offer security. Options include perforated slots for added ventilation, grommet holes for supplementary cable management pathways, and mounting for exhaust fans. Side panels are often available in several options: solid fixed, solid removable, and louvered.
  • Server Rack Mounting Rails: In addition to the standard two sets of mounting rails, additional sets of rails are frequently needed to accommodate different depths and facilitate rack loading. Most major server rack manufacturers recommend rails with square holes and cage nuts.
  • Server Rack Anti-tip Feet, Casters, Levelers: Server rack Anti-tip feet options are essential to stabilize mid-to top-heavy loaded racks, casters help maneuver racks in the datacenter, and levelers are used to ensure that the server racks are leveled.

Server Racks Standards Compliance

For easy integration into existing systems and for environmental reasons, it is crucial for server racks to conform to standards such as EIA-310-D, RoHS, IEC-60297-2, etc.

Server Racks Security

In high security organizations and collocation environments, proper server rack security is paramount. Doors and side panels must be equipped with locks. Security panels for bayed server racks must also be available.

Safety Considerations when Buying Server Racks / Equipment Cabinets

When buying server racks, IT managers should pay significant attention to the weight bearing testing of the product and to the recommended load limits. These tests establish upper limits to the amount of weight a server rack can safely support. Static tests are conducted with the rack standing still. Dynamic tests are conducted by physically moving the server rack while under load. In order to pass the tests, the server rack must not only have no structural failure, but its critical dimensions can flex from their original position no more than the QA established strict limits.

42U Server Cabinet

Our 42U Server Rack Cabinets feature an all steel, welded frame construction that provides durable, high quality rack storage at an affordable price. In addition to Gaw Technology custom server rack cabinets, we proudly offer the APW Mayville line of 42U server racks.

Gaw Technology 42U server rack cabinets are designed to suit any server room footprint design, while housing any standard 19in rackmount equipment. Moreover, adjustable front and rear rails allow you to shift mounting depths to suit almost any piece of equipment.

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To help optimize ventilation, the 42U server rack cabinets offer steel mesh doors with wide perforation, and includes an integrated cable management system that helps keep the inside of the cabinet neat. Plus, the rack rail spacing is clearly marked, making it easy to plan and install equipment within the server cabinet.

Full Compatibility with Servers from IBM, HP, Dell and Sun and all 19" Rack Mountable Products

Our server racks are designed to offer network managers a full function server rack cabinet that supports Multi-Vendor compatibility and streamlined server installation. Specifically, our 42U server cabinets are designed to be compatible with servers from leading manufacturers like IBM, HP, Dell, etc., and all 19" Rack Mountable Products on the market. When you buy a 42U server cabinet from us you buy a great product, at an affordable price.

Server Cabinet Cooling Systems

We offer factory installed Standard and Custom Server Rack Cooling Systems to adequately and economically control the temperature of your equipment. We also design and install custom cooling systems for high density server rack cabinets.

Server Cabinet Cable Management

Gaw Technology can provides Standard and Custom Cable Management solutions for all your server rack cabinets. Our solutions allow fast and easy access to components, which can be critical in data centers, server rooms, etc.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Our manufacturing facility in New Jersey has full capabilities for Sheet Metal Fabrication services. We proudly served Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations with made in the USA products.

With factory direct prices, excellent customer service, full compliance to applicable standards, efficient cooling, superior cable management, easy access and highly engineered designs, we can be your preferred source for 42U Server Rack cabinets and enclosures. Call us today to find the perfect server rack solution for your specific colocation or server environment.