10 Steps 2 Success: Why Gaw Technology Is One Step Above the Rest

Posted by Gaw Technology on 5/28/2015 to Data Center Topics

At Gaw Technology, our relationships with our customers matter. We understand the frustration that can come from a delayed order or a customization project that doesn't meet your business's standards and requirements. It is for this reason why we developed our 10 Steps 2 Success program to ensure our customers' needs are met. If you aren't happy with the finished product, then we haven't worked hard enough.

The 10 Steps 2 Success is a methodic approach to customer service that negates any errors from design to final delivery. Whether you are looking for a standard server rack cabinet or complete customization of your cabinets, LAN furniture, cables and more, Gaw Technology will deliver a quality product to ensure success. Here are elements of our 10 Steps 2 Success customer service model: 

  1. Q&A: First and foremost, we get to know you better. Our team will conduct a Q&A session with your team to learn more about the scope of the project, site requirements, challenges, and more.
  2. Metrics: We will take a look at your environment to see where hot and cold spots are located and learn more about your power supply and other crucial elements of your data center environment.
  3. Design: Our team takes the measurements and other pertinent information we learned in the Q&A to develop a customized solution.
  4. Confirmation: We will then go back to you to discuss any issues, possible problems, and other information before we order products and accessories.
  5. Expected Date: You are never kept in the dark. Once we have confirmed a solution and ordered the products and accessories, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date.
  6. Set-up: When the order arrives, our team takes the time to setup and remove all products and accessories to make sure that the order is correct and answer any final questions you may have.
  7. Survey: We will give you a survey to fill out to describe your customer experience and provide any feedback you may have.
  8. Follow-up: After 7 days, we will follow up to make sure there aren't any issues or problems with the solution.
  9. Internal Review: After 30 days, we will review the survey submitted and try to implement any suggestions or troubleshoot any problems experienced.
  10. Completion: At this point, we hope the client is completely happy with your final product. If there are any ongoing issues, we will encourage them to contact us immediately.

Our team at Gaw Technology is here to provide you with the best customer experience possible. For more information about our 10 Steps 2 Success process, products, and more, please visit our e-commerce store today.  

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